Please check the following rules before making a reservation with us.
If you want to know details such as room, please look at "STAY" page.

Before Booking

  • We accept reservations from three months in advance.
  • Check in time is from 4 pm to 8 pm. Check out time is until 1 0 am.
    ※ If you arrive after 8 pm, please let us know in advance.
    If you do not contact or arrive after 10 pm, your reservation will be canceled.
  • Please prepare towels by yourself.
  • If you need a parking lot, please inform us when you make a r oom reservation.
    We will notify the availability you later on confirmation e-mail .


Room Rates (per person)
Off season High season Tetsuya odori days
4 beds Dormitory (Mixed)
JPY 2,800~ JPY 4,000~ JPY 6,000~
Private (1~2 people)
JPY 3,000~ JPY 4,500~ JPY 6,500~
Private (2~4 people)
JPY 3,000~ JPY 4,500~ JPY 6,500~
  • Guests from abroad will take a copy of your passport at check-in.

Cancellation fee will be charged in the following way.

Cancellation fee
3 Days before 30% of room rate
1 Day before 50% of room rate
The day 100% of room rate
No show 100% of room rate

Payment is required in full on arrival at check in, either by c ash, credit card or Smartphone App Payment Service.

Please make a reservation from the button below.